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How to draw with ink?

By On 14.10.2016

Hi, guys! I am so sorry for this craaaaaaazy delay in my posts, but remember my “How To Finish #Inktober Successfully” video? So guess what, I am in this inktober thing UP… Read More


5 tips on how to finish #inktober successfully

By On 27.9.2016

Hi, guys! Remember how I’ve told you in my August sketchbook tour how I despise autumn? Well, guess what – I lied a little bit! Because autumn is actually that time of… Read More


Interview with Illustrator: Anna Cattish

By On 13.9.2016

Hello and sorry, guys, upon Anna’s request this video has no English subtitles. You can still check out her work, because she is just AMAZING: on her official web page, Instagram, Facebook, also… Read More


Draw My Life

By On 11.9.2016

Hello, guys! This is my first ever post in both English and Russian and I’ve decided since we should get to know each other better, Draw My Life would be perfect to… Read More


Видео больше не будет?!

By On 8.9.2016

Изменения это жизнь, но часто именно изменения нас пугают и не дают двигаться дальше. Этим летом я решила заглянуть своим страхам в глаза и поменять концепцию канала. You may also like...Итоги 2014… Read More